Company History

Integrity Metals Company Inc., is the evolution of what once was the "WestCats" catalytic converter business division
of Westbury Metals Group Inc., a publicly traded company.  WestCats was originally based in Westbury, New York,
and later grew to operate out of facilities in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Florida with
corporate headquarters in Rhode Island.
WestCats was a recognized leader in the catalytic converter refining business in the USA, until being forced out of
business due to tragic losses incurred after the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01.

Viking Investments Group of South Africa purchased what was left of the WestCats catalyst business in December
2001, and formed Viking Platinum LLC, doing business in the former WestCats catalytic converter de-canning and
catalyst sampling facility in Waterbury, CT.  Unfortunately, due to serious internal management issues among the
partners who owned Viking Investments Group in South Africa, and the subsequent halt of funding from the parent
company, Viking Platinum LLC abruptly ceased operations in May of 2003, leaving our suppliers and our smelters to
suffer without the services Viking had provided.

Len Gadaleta, the founder of Integrity Metals Company, was in charge of catalyst sales and purchasing at Westcats
and at Viking, and was the driving force behind all the impressive growth and the catalyst volumes produced at each
company. After Viking met it’s untimely demise, Len formed Integrity Metals Company Inc, in order to continue to
serve his loyal catalyst supplier customers, and continue to supply the smelters with all the catalyst refining volumes
that he worked so hard to create over the years.  Len, together with other key personnel who he worked with at
Westbury and Viking, also helped form American AutoCat Recovery, Inc., which is a corporation that purchases
whole catalytic converters on a per-piece basis, and co-operates in affiliation with Integrity Metals Company, Inc.

Integrity Metals brokers the material we generate to the world’s leading catalyst smelters and refiners. The smelters
we work with compete for our business and value the very significant volumes we supply them with. In order to
ensure our repeat business, it is in their best interests to see to it that every lot Integrity Metals sends in to them is
done properly and accurately and adheres to the high standards we insist upon. Due to our extensive experience in
this field, and our intimate knowledge of the actual values of the material we handle, the assay returns from the
refiners we use are excellent, and we consistently receive their highest possible payment values.
Therefore, working through Integrity Metals, you can benefit from our expertise and the outstanding service and
refining results we receive, which we in turn pass on to our customers.

At Integrity Metals, our goal is to develop mutually beneficial, long-term business relationships with every one of our
suppliers. Our commitment to customer service is unequaled in the industry.
Your best interests are always our best interests, and we truly work for you.
We always will remember that our future depends on your complete satisfaction with our service.

Integrity Metals Company, Inc.
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    “When You Do Business With Us, You Have A Deal With Integrity”