Scrap Converter prices:

For individual converters or quantities of 10 or less, send the old converters to our NJ office via UPS, Fed-Ex,
or USPS Parcel Post to:

Integrity Metals Company, Inc.
1 Drum Court
Howell, N.J.  07731

Ship us the converters only, please trim off the excess exhaust pipes to less than 1 inch on each end.

Package the converter(s) into a suitable box, and using balled-up sheets of newspaper, "plug up" the ends
where the exhaust pipes used to be. Send them to us at the address above along with the name your check is
to be made out to, your address and daytime phone number.

Your check with payment in full will be sent out within 24 hours after we receive your converters.

Please call us at 1 732 905 9529 if you have a quantity of 10 or more converters to discuss shipping
arrangements so we can have your volume loads delivered directly to our New York warehouse instead of to
our NJ offices.

Scrap Converter Prices Now In Effect:

Lg. GM                       $100.00 each
Lg. Domestic               $45.00 each
Reg. Domestic            $35.00 each
Pre Domestic              $18.00 each
After Market                  $7.00 each

Lg. Foreign                $130.00 each
Reg. Foreign               $75.00 each
Exotic                          $160.00 each
Pre Foreign               1/2 Reg. Foreign price

Truck Bead                  $65.00 each
Regular Beads            $30.00 each

Stainless Steel Lg       2X Pre price
Stainless Steel Sm      Pre price

Loose Autocatalyst Material:
Beads                          $6.00 per Pound
Honey Comb               $10.00 per Pound

Even if the converters do not have all of the material in them, we will pay you for 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 full at the
adjusted price. For example, if a Large GM is 1/2 full we will pay you $50.00.
“When You Do Business With Us, You Have A Deal With Integrity”

Integrity Metals Company, Inc.
1 Drum Court
Howell, N.J.  07731   USA
Ph: 1 516 458 6307  Email: