Terms for Purchase of De-canned Automotive Catalyst

Platinum    (Pt)                is paid at          84%        for shipments less than 1/2 MT (1,102 pounds)
Palladium  (Pd)                      “                84%        “        “        “        “        “        
Rhodium   (Rh)                      “                84%        “        “        “        “        “                 

Pt, Pd and Rh values are paid at  86%  for shipments between 1/2 and 1 MT
Pt, Pd and Rh values are paid at  88%  for shipments over 1 MT.

None.  There are no per-pound or per KG charges, no “refining charges”, and no “treatment charges”. The
percentages retained according to the schedule above are the only fees.
Note: In the event that barren material is processed, a minimum charge of  $.50 cents per pound will be applied.
Our retained percentage of the value must equal at least $.50 cents per pound.

MARKET PRICING                   
Platinum        Per agreed 90-day forward market prices         
Palladium        “        “        “        “      
Rhodium        “        “        “        “        

Payments will be based on the 90-day forward prices.
The 90-day forward prices are calculated by using the current spot market prices as a base, which are then
adjusted by the lease rate of 8% per year, which is equal to 2% for the 90 days.  
For example: If Spot Platinum is “$1000.00”, then the payment price is calculated as follows:  $1000.00 x 2% =
$20.00.  $1000.00 minus $20.00 = $980.00 90-day payment price.

Spot market prices can be monitored at:
At the customer’s option, the 90-day forward prices may be “locked-in” anytime after material has been delivered
to our warehouse.
Markets must be “locked-in” for a particular shipment before any payments can be issued for that shipment.        

IMC will issue advance payments equal to approx. 70% of the estimated net lot value upon receipt of each
shipment.  The estimated lot values will be determined by averaging the assays of the last 3 shipments of similar
material, times the new lot’s net incoming weights. For new customers, advance payments will be estimated using
conservative values according to the number and types of whole converters shipped, or weight and apparent type
of de-canned catalyst received.

Settlement in full will be issued immediately upon customer agreement of our assay results.
Assays are usually ready to report approximately 2 to 3 weeks from date of receipt.
Actual settlement time may vary depending upon production backlog and conditions, and will be acknowledged at
the time of material receipt.

ASSAY CHARGE                        
No charge for sampled lots weighing more than 1 MT. (2,204 lb).
Assay charges of  $300.00 per sample will be applied for lots weighing less than 1 MT (2,204 lb.)

Freight charges, and any import costs, customs fees, brokerage fees, or other costs related to the delivery of
your shipment to our facility are the responsibility of the shipper. Any fees incurred by IMC related to the receipt
of your material at our plant will be deducted upon final settlement if applicable.

To assure that all shipments are properly identified, we ask that a packing list be included with each shipment
describing individual items and weights.
“When You Do Business With Us, You Have A Deal With Integrity”

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