Option 2)
We Will Buy Your Catalyst Scrap For It's
Actual Value.
If you can accumulate at least 1,000 scrap catalytic converters at a time, you have the option to sell them to us
based on the
Actual Value of the Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium contained inside the entire shipment of
converters, instead of for a fixed price per piece or fixed price per pound.

We will properly "de-can" the scrap converters for you, and then process, sample and assay the catalyst from
your shipment, and pay you based upon the actual total precious metal content.

(Please see the
Catalyst Purchase Terms page on this website for our fees)

Selling on a per pound basis vs. Selling on an Actual Value basis:
Before you decide to sell your catalyst material to anyone else, this is something you should consider seriously:

Should I sell my loose catalyst material for a fixed price per pound (or per Kg), or should I sell it to Integrity
Metals Company for it's
Actual Value?

We believe It will be to YOUR ADVANTAGE to sell the material according to it's actual value, instead of for a
fixed price per pound or per Kilo because:

Automotive catalyst is NOT manufactured to the same quality specifications for all vehicles, so the
catalyst is
NOT all the same value per Kg.

So, how can a "fixed" price per Kg be fair if the material value can vary?

Fact: There are variations according to WHERE the original vehicle was designed to be sold in.
The automobile manufacturers have different quality standards, and manufacture the catalytic converters with
different levels of Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium content per Kg for different regions of the World.

For example, although they may look exactly the same, and weigh exactly the same, catalyst removed from an
automobile manufactured for the Asian market does NOT have the same quality catalyst as the exact same
make and model automobile manufactured for the European markets, and the European car will also be
manufactured to different specifications from the SAME EXACT vehicle manufactured for the USA market.

Fact: There are variations according to the vehicle year, make and model the catalytic converter was
originally designed for.
As you know from collecting your scrap converters, even within a particular manufacturers product line, the
catalytic converters will come in different sizes and shapes according to the year, make and model car the
converter came from.
For example, although they are both "Ford" converters, the cat removed from a Ford Mustang, does not look
anything like a cat removed from a Ford Explorer SUV.

It is important to understand that not only are the sizes and shapes of the converters different, the value of the
catalyst "bricks" inside the catalytic converters are also different. The "loading", or the percentage per Kg of
Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium content on the ceramic catalyst, is
designed by the Automobile manufacturers
to be
different from vehicle to vehicle.

Naturally, in order to minimize their costs, the auto manufacturers will use only just enough Pt, Pd and Rh
content in the ceramic catalyst to do the job of cleaning the exhaust gases for each particular vehicle. A large,
high performance engine produces more hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide than a small economy car engine,
and will therefore require a higher percentage of precious metal in the catalyst, in order to do the job of cleaning
the exhaust gas.

Therefore, catalyst removed from a 4 cylinder economy vehicle, is NOT the same quality as the catalyst
removed from a high performance 8 cylinder luxury vehicle.
So, although they make LOOK similar, and although they may WEIGH the same, the "brick" removed from the
economy car will have a totally different dollar value than the "brick" removed from the luxury vehicle.

So, when you ask for a price per KG, you are going to get a very conservative price from ANYONE
who buys it from you in this way, because the buyer has to offer a price based on his estimate of
what it
might be worth. Of course, he will estimate based on the low end of the range in order to
ensure he does not lose money when he has the material refined himself.

Therefore since the material varies, only a transaction based on the Actual Value of the material
actually processed can be fair to both buyer and seller.
You will be paid for what you truly deserve for the material you sold, not some arbitrary price which
may be only a fraction of it's
Actual Value, and we will earn a fair profit based on the terms of our
mutual agreement.


Integrity Metals Company Inc. is involved with the brokering, marketing, purchasing, and refining of precious
metal bearing scrap.

Integrity Metals buys scrap catalytic converters on a per piece basis, and we also buy and process de-canned
auto-catalyst scrap, and other precious metals bearing scrap materials, on a refining basis.

Integrity Metals Company will buy your scrap catalytic converters, and/or your scrap de-canned catalyst for either
of the following options:

Option 1)
We will buy your scrap converters for a very competitive price per piece

Our prices are updated constantly and are based upon the most current Precious Metals Markets, and the
amount of converters you have available to sell at the time.

For small quantities, please see the
Scrap Converter Prices page on this website.
For large quantities, please call us at 1
516 458 6307 for a quote.

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